Wasteful World?

Global Food Losses and Food Waste: Extent, Causes, and Prevention

According to the results of a study for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally each year. This equates to 1.3 Billion tons! The loss and waste occurs throughout the supply-chain, occurring during agricultural production, processing, distribution and consumption. For almost every food category, fruit and vegetables to meat to cereals, the waste in North America is overwhelmingly attributed to retailers and personal consumption. This means food is discarded even though it is still suitable for human consumption.

What about food security concerns and increasing demands? People around the world are starving, including right here in Atlanta. Many organizations, including the Atlanta Community Food Bank, work diligently to combat this issue. But, can we make a difference in our own homes? Certainly! We live in a day where more is better. Buffets, bargains, and over-sized meals rule our world. I ask all of us to do our best everyday to only purchase what we realistically can consume. I love a bargain as much as the next person. But if there is no possibility of finishing my meal or eating the leftovers, could I purchase a smaller portion next time? Is there someone else I can give it to? Should I give in to catchy marketing and advertising lingo? Should I throw away fresh fruit or vegetables because it doesn’t look perfect? Restaurants, grocery stores, my home…so many places where I can make a difference. Join me in reducing food losses and wastes by making small and simple personal changes in your daily routine & spreading the word to others about this important issue! Thank you.

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  1. Steve Keefe says:

    Great post! I’ll try to do my part too.

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